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Grieving Wisconsin Farmer Honors His Wife in a Touching Way


Babbette Jaquish loved flowers. She especially loved sunflowers. And when she passed away from cancer her husband Don Jaquish decided to do something beautiful in her memory.

The Wisconsin widower planted rows of sunflowers along a highway that stretches for four miles so others can enjoy the flowers that his wife loved so much.

Don also started Babbette’s Seeds Of Hope. The farmer will be selling sunflower seeds to benefit a worthy cause. Portions of the profits will be earmarked for cancer research and advocacy. Babbette’s smiling face will adorn the packets of sunflower seeds.

Don says wife was modest and probably wouldn’t like her face on the packets, but said she was a beautiful person and her face belongs there.

How have you honored someone you loved who passed away? Share this amazing story of love with your friends and please comment below.

H/T: ABC News