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Guaranteed You’ve Never Seen Anyone Do Something More Stupid Than THIS!

So this video has been blowing up the internets the last couple of days … which means the crack investigation team at Headline Politics has been ruthlessly following the story behind it.

Actually, we are sat in the office, marveling at how lucky/stupid/lucky-stupid people can be.

Despite the video being picked up by major news outlets, there’s still no word where the video was shot, or if indeed, it is real.

All we know is that the video shows a handful of presumably drunk people trying to load a huge truck onto a ferry, using only two tiny planks of wood. Regardless of where it comes from, you will get a kick out of it as it’ll no doubt satisfy your desire to watch human dumbassery.

Did they succeed? Take a look below to find out, and let us know your theory behind the video in the comments section.