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Guess What Malia Obama Received for her Sweet 16 Birthday

President Barack Obama acts as if he is above the law, so why shouldn’t his family do the same? Malia Obama’s birthday was July 4th and people are not happy with what she received:

First daughter Malia Obama received a brand new car for her sweet 16 birthday on Friday, according to sources close to the first family, but unfortunately for her she won’t be able to drive it alone for at least another year.

Drivers in the District received fair warning in February that Malia may soon be behind the wheel of a car – from her mother no less.

‘Ladies and gentlemen in DC, watch out!’ first lady Michelle Obama joked at the time. ‘Malia Obama on the road – kinda frightening.’

Details of the make, model and color weren’t immediately available, or even how she spent the day, which happens to coincide with the date the US celebrates its independence.

President Barack Obama has striven to keep his family out of the spotlight, and staffers have remained mum about any planned festivities.

via Daily Mail

D.C. law does not allow Malia to drive until she is 17!  She would be required to have a permit with an adult driver (21 years or older)  in the car at all times.  Additionally, the law would limit her to drive only  between the hours of 6 a.m. and 9 p.m. (Sunday through Thursday) and 6 a.m. – 11:59pm (Friday and Saturday).  It’s unlikely that the Secret Service would allow her to drive beyond those hours.

It’s clear that Malia gets whatever she wants and would have the ability to have an entire motorcade following her at taxpayers’ expense.

How many of you wish you received a new car at age 16?

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This is a picture of the President with daughter Sasha – but I think you get the picture.




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