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Guess What Rapper Lil Wayne Did at “Stop the Violence” Charity Event… Hint: It Wasn’t Peaceful!

lil wayne

Sweet, sweet irony.

Rapper Lil Wayne, taking part as a coach in a charity basketball game to “Stop the Violence,” nearly started a brawl when he chased a referee off the court after a series of allegedly bad calls. Wayne verbally berated the official, spitting on him as he backed away.

Via SB Nation:

Lil Wayne was coaching in a charity basketball game in St. Louis over the weekend, when he became incensed at a series of calls against his team.

It was at this point that he took matters into his own hands, which involved yelling at the referee and eventually chasing him clear off the court. It was worse. This didn’t sound like a playful stunt, according to Rolling Stone.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, witnesses also say Wayne spat on the dude, who was seen making his way to the exit as soon as the madness ensued.


Here is video of the incident which includes a kid yelling at Lil Wayne to, as the charity’s namesake implores, “stop the violence!”

It’s hard not to point at least one finger at event organizers for their ultimately poor judgment.

Adding Wayne to a charity event that addresses violence, when the man has a vast history of arrests including those for criminal possession of a weapon, possession of dangerous drugs, and a nearly year-long trip to Rikers Island, is incredibly ill-advised.

Nothing quite screams “stop the violence” like a rapper with an extensive rap sheet.