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Cartoon PERFECTLY Exposes how Liberals Know NOTHING About Guns

I’ve heard some pro-choice feminists make the argument before that men can’t have an opinion on abortion because they’ll never be in the position where they’d need to make such a choice. “No uterus, no opinion” says the argument in bumper sticker slogan form.

I’ve always thought that if we’re to accept that kind of logic, than by that very same logic those who don’t own and know nothing about guns shouldn’t be able to talk about regulating them. And that would require practically every single gun control advocate to silence themselves.

Seriously, how many times have they made an embarrassment of themselves? They go on the news to talk about the horrors of “semiautomatic weapons” without realizing that “semi-automatic” literally means that it fires one bullet at a time. They’re the only people you’ll see warn against “30 magazine clips,“or horrific “AR-15 shotguns,” neither of which exist.

I think the cartoon below captures the liberal mentality perfectly…

Gun cartoon

H/T Townhall

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