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MSNBC Promotes Gun Control But Never Expected THIS RESPONSE!

gun control

Liberals truly are clueless as to why they can never seem to get gun control passed anywhere. They’re quick to blame the NRA for their failures in passing gun control legislation, as if the NRA doesn’t represent the views of most Americans. The NRA has a much higher approval rating than congressional Democrats (or Republicans, for that matter).

The fact of the matter is that gun control isn’t getting passed because people really don’t want it. We’re all well aware of the costs of freedom, and we’re more than willing to bare them for its greater benefits.

MSNBC decided to hold a poll on their website asking “Do you think people should be allowed to carry guns in public?” Over 500,000 have voted, and the results couldn’t be any clearer.

gun control

You can answer the poll yourself on their website.

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