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Elderly Man Faces Life Or Death Situation, I Am Cheering His Bravery!

gun story

In today’s world, you never know who’s packing heat. This is my new bedtime story.

A 91-year-old man from Detroit, MI., took action against a robber who didn’t expect resistance. The police report said the suspect was in his late 20s which means he probably thought the elderly man was an easy target. I can hear Barack Obama now calling for seniors to turn in their guns for their safety.

I bet if the robber knew he had a gun, he wouldn’t have tried to rob the old man.

From Detroit News:

A 91-year-old concealed pistol license holder shot a man who was attempting to rob him Monday in Eastpointe, according to police.

The victim was exiting his car around 10:15 a.m. and heading into the Rite Aid on Gratiot near Nine Mile when an unknown suspect in his late 20s approached, Sgt. Martin Campbell said.

“He attempted to rob (the victim) and (the victim) had a CPL and ended up shooting the suspect,” Campbell said. “It’s as simple as that.”

The would-be robber was struck in the neck and fled across Gratiot, where he was arrested by responding officers.

“Two detectives found him walking over there,” Campbell said. “He had a gunshot wound to the neck but he was talking and acting erratic.”

The erratic behavior initially prompted alarm bells for his intended target, Campbell said.

“The suspect approached and began to act erratic. (The victim) told him he had a gun, he warned him three or four times and even had the gun pointed at him,” Campbell said. “But the suspect kept coming and pointed an unknown object at the victim.”

At that point, the victim opened fire, Campbell said.

The CPL holder went to the Eastpointe police station following the incident to give his statement, Campbell said. He is cooperating with authorities, who currently are treating the incident as self-defense.

“Nothing’s ever clear cut but that’s what we’re calling it right now: an attempted robbery shooting,” Campbell said.

The suspect remained hospitalized Monday and in police custody.

Hooray for the 91-year-old man! No doubt he saved his life by having a gun for protection. He was empowered to protect himself instead of having some drug scum kill him. Good Job!

Politicians like Hillary Clinton and Obama want to repeal the 2nd Amendment, yet, they have armed security 24/7. They have no such thing as gun free zones. This old man defended himself and without his firearm would have been a victim!

What did you think about this incident and do you think the elderly man was within his rights to defend himself and shoot the robber? Share your opinions below in the comment section and let me know what you think.