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Gwyneth Paltrow Still Selling “Conscious Uncoupling”

Everyone is doing the ice bucket challenge, a fundraiser for ALS organizations across the country. Celebrities have been getting in on the fun, and there have been some great videos of silly couples using the challenge as a chance to show off the playful side of their marriages. Jennifer Garner doused her husband and father of her three children Ben Affleck before he pulled her into their pool, laughing and smiling. John Krasinski and Emily Blunt’s video showcased each of them dumping a giant bucket of water on the other unexpectedly, with Krasinski surprising Blunt as she returned from a grocery trip, holding packages.

With those cute couples in mind, Gwyneth Paltrow is eager to get in on the fun. Her first nomination to take the challenge, given while in a sexy black bikini, was given to ex-husband Chris Martin. Martin is reportedly already dating again (actress Jennifer Lawrence), and has also gone off the vegetarian wagon, shedding any and all commitments he made while married to Paltrow.

When Martin and Paltrow announced their separation, they attempted to do so while pretending that divorce was no big deal, dubbing what they were doing as “conscious uncoupling.” The ex-couple were seen out together the very next day, acting chummy and strangely somewhat affectionate. With Martin in the news, clearly moving on, Paltrow is still trying to sell us on how friendly and amicable their divorce is. Are you buying it?