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HA! Coulter Has a New Motto About Illegal Immigrants, and It’s Going to Make the Left Furious!


Ann Coulter appeared on the Kelly File last night and absolutely tore it up on illegal immigration. At first blush, it appeared the segment was going to involve both Jose Vargas – a well known illegal immigrant journalist – and Coulter in a debate format. Instead, Kelly brought both guests in separately. It quickly became apparent why, as Coulter would have had a field day with the illegal immigrant guest.

She first explained that the whole concept of allowing illegal immigrants into the country is a Democrat one to allow more voters to join their ranks. She said this platform isn’t a new one, dating back to the ’60s.

“Obama never would have been elected but for Teddy Kennedy’s 1965 Immigration Act,” Coulter explained. “It’s not as if Democrats are winning all these victories because they’ve changed the Americans’ minds. No, they brought in new voters. That is why they are winning.”

That’s when she blasted illegals for having the gall to complain about anything in our country.

Via Fox News Insider:

Coulter added that illegal immigrants are merely guests in the U.S. and have no right to complain.

“If you have no right to even be in this country, America hasn’t done anything to you,” Coulter said. “You’re the ones who should be being grateful to us and hoping you’ll be allowed to come in legally.”

“The motto should be: There are way too many, and there shouldn’t be any,” Coulter said. “It even rhymes.”

And boom goes the dynamite.

Watch Coulter and the beauty of her debating ability on illegal immigration¬†below…

Comment РDo you think there are too many illegal immigrants in the country right now? Are Democrats to blame?




  1. Anna says:

    Ann Coulter ROCKS… she is one bright cookie. I love to watch her debate. She always makes the idiots on the VIEW look even more moronic… What has been done to this country by mindless liberals in beyond disgraceful it is criminal and it should be dealt with as such. The RINOS in Congress are in a position to stop the illegal immigration, but, they are being blackmailed into submission… The NSA got their gonads and won’t let go until barry soetoro is out of our White House!

  2. Victor says:

    I don’t know how this can happen in an American city and nothing is being done about it. They are just trampling all over the laws that I fought for as a US Veteran!

  3. Victor says:

    This is a slap in the face to all law abiding Americans and should be taken care of immediately!!!!

  4. Maria says:

    I happen to be a Democrat and I would LOVE to see all these illegal immigrants rounded up and sent back to where they came from!..I’m so tired of Republicans blaming everything they don’t like on Democrats and vice-versa…wake up people!..It shouldn’t have to be one party against the other!..Maybe if we worked together to get America back, we would not be a country divided and the illegals wouldn’t see how weak we’ve become because of it!..Don’t assume because I am a Democrat that I am a liberal…I am not!..but I am also not someone who believes in partisan politics either. I miss the way it used to be!

  5. Julie says:

    She nailed immigration but needs a lesson about civil war. Wasn’t about slavery! Smh

  6. Jimmy says:

    It’s funny how the Democrats supported slavery and segregation and now use minorities to get elected…wake up minorities your being used.

  7. Matt says:

    The truth hurts.

  8. Brennan says:

    Do you think there are too many illegal immigrants in the country right now?
    What kinda question is that? If you have 1 illegal you got 1 too many!! The reason is because the mentality of this 1 is that ” well I broke the law to get in and didn’t get in trouble, so why not continue breaking every other law that impedes my will”?!
    Where does their breaking the law end once they start breaking it and not suffer the consequence???
    Ask Kathryn Steinle if there are too many illegals…Oh, you cant because she was MURDERED by an animal that kept playing hide and go seek and never suffered any consequences for his repeat offenses, and it all started with that first offense of strolling in unimpeded and allowed to continue until someone other than him suffered the consequences that should have been suffered by him to begin with!!

  9. Lou says:

    Legal immigrants are welcome unless they are replacing American workers, illegals are not! Once they are deported, they should face 10 to 30 tears for re-entry.