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HA! Listen to Krauthammer Mock Michelle Obama’s Pitiful Comment to High School Graduates!


During a recent commencement speech for the students of King College Prep High School in Chicago, First Lady Michelle Obama whined about the burdens she and her husband endure in the White House.

“I know the struggles many of you face,” Obama said.

She added that people “will doubt (their) very existence,” which is “a burden President Obama and I carry with us every single day in the White House.”

Syndicated columnist, Charles Krauthammer, speaking with Laura Ingraham, responded to the comments with mockery.

“It is a really tough life inside the White House,” he said sarcastically. “Carrying all the burdens that she imagines that she is.”

Krauthammer continued (Via the Daily Caller):

“I think what’s happening is the same thing that’s happening to her husband. They are nearing the finish line. They no longer have to worry about any elections, either for themselves or midterms for the Democratic Party,” Krauthammer said. “They are both unleashed. Obama’s unleashed in the sense that he doesn’t have to listen to Congress. He can insult and try to intimidate the Supreme Court. You know, there are no restrictions, no separation of powers. There’s no limitation on what he is trying to do and what he will try to do in the next 18 months.”

“I think in the same way, she no longer has to hide what she feels,” Krauthammer said. “She can go back to, sort of, amplifying on the gaffe that she made in 2008 where…she said famously that I’ve never been so proud of my country or proud of my country as I am now because they were recognizing her and her husband, elevating them to the presidency. But if it hadn’t been for that, she could find no place for pride in her country. They sort of had to walk that back a little bit.”

“That’s where she is and now she’s unburdening herself I guess,” Krauthammer added.

Watch Krauthammer’s mockery of Michelle Obama below…

Comment: Is being in the White House a burden on the Obama’s, or are the Obama’s being in the White House a burden on America? Discuss.