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Warning For Parents: This Sick Halloween Urban Legend Is TRUE (Check Your Kids)


Every year police issue warnings to parents about their children’s Trick or Treat candy. Most people dismiss the warnings as over-the-top.

Many people consider the idea of people handing out candy that’s been tainted or tampered with to be a bit of an urban legend.

However, at least two cases have emerged this year in which foreign items, namely needles and razor blades, have been found in Halloween candy.


In Reynoldsburg, Ohio a razor blade was found inside of a Snickers bar. According to a local media report:

Reynoldsburg Police have confirmed a disposable razor blade was found inside of a Snickers bar that was collected during trick-or-treating on Thursday.

The candy was collected in the area of Kingsly Drive and Taylor Road.

Reynoldsburg Police Lt. Shane Mauger said a group of kids had finished trick-or-treating and went to a home to divide up the candy.

A 14-year-old girl then bit into a bite-sized Snickers bar and instantly noticed the foreign object.

The teen was not hurt during the ordeal.

All we want is our children to experience some fun and have a great time and some evil people have to go and ruin that. Check out the video report here:

What do you think about this report? Is this where our nation has ended up by trying to hurt our kids? Share your comments below and add this to your social media timeline.

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    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for clarity.