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What Happened at This Planet Fitness Should Give Female Members Pause


We live in an age ruled by political correctness. Even basic biological fact is overruled by feelings and emotions by a portion of the country which has no qualms about yelling “SCIENCE” when the conversation is over climate change. When discussing gender and sex, however, no matter what biological parts an individual is born with, one can simply change their gender, even on legal documents, if they feel like it.

At one Planet Fitness in Michigan, a female member was faced head-on by the P.C. police, and lost. BuzzFeed reports (and treats the story as a triumph of ‘transgender rights,’ naturally):

Yvette Cormier said she complained to the front desk after an incident in the changing room.

She told M Live, “I was blocked, because a man was standing there,”

“It freaked me out because, why is a man in here?”

Planet Fitness told Cormier that the person in question identified as a woman, and that they would not ask her to leave the locker room.

The women’s changing room at Planet Fitness has private lockable changing rooms.

According to Cormier, she returned to the gym every day that week and spoke to other women in the locker room about the incident.

She then received a phone call from Planet Fitness during which they told her that her behavior violated the membership policy, and that they were rescinding her membership.

Another telling of the story could go something like this: A woman in Michigan looked up and saw a man in the dressing room of her local gym. All the man had to do to gain legal access to it was to claim that he ‘felt’ like a woman, which allowed him to be in the same room as women showering and changing in order to work out. The only thing separating this man and other women in the dressing room was a flimsy lock separating private changing rooms. One woman felt so uncomfortable with a man in her presence in the space formerly gender-segregated for safety and modesty that she complained to other women in the room as well as to management. Management felt it was more important to bend to the feelings of the male member than ensure that female members felt safe and comfortable in dressing rooms.

That telling, of course, doesn’t fit with the narrative mainstream culture has built around ‘transgender’ rights and thus, is deemed too bigoted to publish. Even professors of psychology who have dared question the narrative have faced professional fallout for their views. At The Federalist, one individual who formerly identified as ‘transgender’ lays out the psychological science behind ‘transgender’ identification:

Studies indicate that two-thirds of transgenders suffer from multiple disorders at the same time, or comorbidity. The top three disorders evidenced in transgenders are depression (33 percent), specific phobia (20 percent) and adjustment disorder (15 percent). A child who states a desire to identify as the opposite sex has a two-thirds chance of having a co-existing disorder.

Let’s look at the one at the top of the list: depression. Depression is a leading cause of suicide. A survey of over 6,000 transgenders revealed that 41 percent reported having attempted suicide at some time in their lives. Without effective psychiatric intervention or sound psychotherapy for the underlying depression, the risk of suicide will remain high. As a parent, it is important to look for depression and treat it if it is present.

Your child needs psychiatric or psychological help, not a change of wardrobe or hairstyle. Anyone working with a transgender needs to look for, and treat, comorbid disorders. Biologically, it is impossible for a doctor to change a boy into a girl, no matter how much surgery is performed or how many hormones are administered. I know; they tried it on me.

Unlike the ‘science’ behind climate change, the science behind transgender identification is clearly quite mixed, despite what the PC police would have society believe. Unfortunately for members of Planet Fitness the only thing that matters, above their sense of physical comfort and sense of safety is the emotional health of members who choose to identify as a different gender than their biological sex would indicate.

Comment below: Would you join a Planet Fitness if this ‘transgender’ changing room policy was in place there?