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What Is Happening In Obama’s Home City? The Record For Shootings Just Skyrocketed — You Won’t Believe This!


For a very long time, Chicago was the pinnacle of gun control with some of the nation’s strictest laws. While those laws have been loosened in recent years just a little bit, Chicago still has no gun stores within the city limits and very low legal gun ownership numbers per capita.

Some people might think that with so few legal guns, Chicago would have very few shootings. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

Chicago continues to be among the nation’s most violent cities, and January 2016 saw the Windy City set a new record. The city recorded 51 homicides and 241 shootings for that month alone.

Those numbers are up drastically from last January when the city saw 29 homicides and 119 shootings.

Check out these video reports:

The uptick in violence also comes after Mayor Rahm Emanuel fired Chicago Police Chief Garry McCarthy after race-related protests. Here’s another video report:

Can you believe this story? Where is Obama in this mess! How can kids get anything done in the city under the threat of death every day? That’s too many casualties for any city in one month!

H/T:  Chicago Tribune

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