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Here’s What Happens AFTER Obama Leaves Office


What exactly is Barack Obama’s legacy? Record high levels of poverty? $20 trillion dollars in national debt? The first Presidency to never have a year of 3% economic growth? Record high levels of government dependency? Record low levels of labor force participation? Skyrocketing health premiums? The rise of ISIS in the Middle East?

The list could go on the length of an article, so I’ll just list his main failures.

But thanks to Trump, Obama won’t be able to leave a legacy behind for long, because he’s going to fix all the problems he’s inherited.


Republicans are already working to have an ObamaCare repeal bill on Trump’s desk the day he takes office.

House and Senate budget leaders have endorsed a proposal that involves Congress passing two budget resolutions—one for 2017 and one for 2018—early next year, the first of which would instruct lawmakers to use a budget tool called “reconciliation” to dismantle the health care law.

Under reconciliation, legislation under consideration by the Senate needs just a simple majority, 51 votes, to pass, blocking a filibuster by Senate Democrats. Because Congress failed to pass a budget resolution for 2017—a proposal stalled in the House—budget experts say Republicans could pass a revamped fiscal roadmap for next year, one that includes reconciliation instructions for Obamacare’s repeal. To ease the transition for consumers, that reconciliation bill would likely have a delayed enactment date to give congressional Republicans time to craft and pass a replacement plan.

After passing a budget resolution for 2017, GOP lawmakers could then craft a second budget resolution for 2018, which could also include reconciliation instructions to tackle another legislative priority, such as an overhaul of the tax system.

Using this two-budget approach to repeal Obamacare would give Republicans the chance to put a bill dismantling the health care law on Trump’s desk soon after his Jan. 20 inauguration, lawmakers said.

H/T The Daily Signal

ObamaCare clearly hasn’t worked as intended. Obama promised that his healthcare reform plan would save the median household $2,500 a year in premiums. That of course, hasn’t happened, as premiums have increased every year since the law was passed (and are going up 22% next year, according to the Department of Health and Human services).

What a difference from Barack Obama, who blamed all the problems he faced on President Bush. Rather than blame Obama for the problems he’s going to be presented with when entering office, Trump will actually fix them.

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  1. Bronson says:

    Obama care worked exactly like they wanted , it made Obama and his friends a lot of money