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Top Democrat Is Trying To Strong Arm Trump…Bless His Heart!

Harry Reid Trump

Here we go again! Remember in 2012, when Sen. Harry Reid flat out lied about then-GOP nominee Mitt Romney and his tax returns. Now, the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is on the ropes and her campaign is dying. The hard hitters are out and about, and Reid just put on his battle gear, but he’s already lost this match.

There is no “requirement” for any candidate to show his/her tax returns. They do it at their discretion. Hillary decided to show her tax returns knowing all her junk is caught up with the Clinton Foundation. They want to put the pressure on Trump to show his taxes.

What’s stopping Harry from just flat out lying about Trump like he did regarding Romney’s taxes? Just make something up Harry. You’ve based an entire career off of lying, dividing and sensationalizing. What’s stopping you now? Surely ethics aren’t of any concern.

From The Hill:

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) blasted the media on Tuesday, arguing it has blown Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s pneumonia out of proportion.

“You’ve all been unfair to Hillary… look at Donald Trump at his medical records, which are nonexistent,” he told reporters during a weekly press conference. “Take a look at this character that’s running for president. He complains about her heath. What does he do? He’s 70 years old. He’s not slim and trim. He brags about eating fast food every day.”

Clinton’s staffers announced over the weekend that she has pneumonia after a video showed her being helped into a van. Though the presidential race was already tightening, the health story has dominated the headlines this week and renewed questions about Clinton’s health and the campaign’s transparency.Reid, however, blamed reporters who he said have “magnified the problems that she has,” comparing them to one of his Senate colleagues.

Reid, who frequently uses the Senate floor to criticize Trump, added that reporters should focus on Trump’s scandals.

“[He’s] cheating people on his contributions to charities, and I can’t imagine, I can’t imagine, you folks not being a little inquisitive about what he’s done to cheat people in Atlantic City and everybody else,” he added. “Look at this tax returns. You’re letting him getting away with the fact that there’s an audit.”

Releasing them is not a requirement to run for the White House. No one in there right mind would release them until the audit is complete. Barack Obama has politicized every major agency including the IRS. Trump has repeatedly said he will release them once the audit is complete.

I want to know why Trump has been audited 15 years straight. No criminal charges, or we would have heard of them, so it sounds like abuse from the IRS. More Democratic red tape. Vote them all out in November!

What do you think about the former Senate Majority Leader crying about Trump’s tax returns? Should Trump release his taxes? Share your voices in the comment section below and let us know what you think.