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Harvard Student Decided To Fight Back Against Her University For Ignoring Sexual Assault Allegations — AWESOME!


First off I would like to say this is a tragic story and I would never want my two daughters to go through this when they go to college. When was growing up I thought of college as being one of those places that were safe, and secure from any threats or violence.

I know what I’ve seen from videos on TV during news reports, but I have always thought that college was safe, and I was at a place to learn and expand or grow in maturity.

So when I came upon the story, I was saddened to hear what happened to this young lady, but I wanted to get the message out. I hope that our thoughts and prayers will help her achieve a successful end to this story.

From Boston Globe:

A recent Harvard graduate has sued the university over claims that school officials failed to take seriously her allegations of sexual assault by another student, leaving her to live in fear in the same dorm as her alleged abuser.

Alyssa Leader, who graduated in 2015, called for a culture change at Harvard so others in her situation will have their cases taken more seriously.

“Harvard has an institutional culture of ignoring and silencing people like me,” Leader said Wednesday at a press conference in the Sheraton Commander Hotel in Harvard Square.

The lawsuit, filed Tuesday in US District Court in Boston, says the university failed to comply with federal requirements about how schools should to respond to allegations of sexual assault. Leader said the school failed to protect her from retaliation after she reported the assaults, and discouraged her from filing a formal complaint. The suit seeks unspecified damages and attorneys fee.

“My hope is that no one else will have the experience that I had,” she said. “I hear my story over and over and over again from different people.”

The state decided to settle claims that the University of Montana mishandled the investigation of a former quarterback accused of rape even though the state believes school officials acted properly, says attorney.

Harvard officials Wednesday did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Alyssa Leader

Check out the video report:

If you were in this young girl’s position what would you do? Again I told you I had two daughters and I will sit down with them and explain just how important it is to follow through and believe that there is justice for those who think they can take what you have.

H/T: Boston Globe

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