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He Was Charged for Killing 2 Infants With His 18-Wheeler… What He Wore to Court… Wow.

What was this guy thinking? Did he not know he had a court appearance for a serious crime? Did he not think he was going to anger the court which could produce a reaction that he might not ever recover from? Unbelievable!

Gentry and Hadley Eddings, both 28, were involved in a crash on US 17 near Wilmington, NC. According to an investigator, the driver of the 18-wheeler truck that struck the Eddings’ car was Matthew Deans, 28, who has been charged with misdemeanor death by vehicle and failure to reduce speed.


The couple, Gentry and Haldey Eddings, had just celebrated their wedding anniversary earlier in the night when Deans rear-ended their vehicle. Two year old Dobbs was killed instantly.

Haldey was still pregnant with Reed (8 months) during the accident and doctors had to perform an emergency c-section. The baby survived the delivery, but died three days later.


What is the real SHOCKER is Deans reportedly showed up for his first court appearance to answer for the charge of death by vehicle, a misdemeanor, wearing shorts and a fishing shirt. The judge refused to let the proceedings go on and chastised Deans for his attire.

“Why are you going to show up to court dressed like that based on these charges?” the judge said. She granted a continuance for the appearance due to the fact that Deans was not dressed appropriately for court.

My condolences go out to the family. I am praying for you and I’m so, so sorry for your losses. A donation page on GoFundMe that was setup for the family has raised over $200,000 so far.

Watch the video report here:

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