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Heisman Winner And NFL Legend Has A MAJOR Announcement About Trump!

Herschel Walker

Count former Heisman Trophy winner and NFL All-Pro Herschel Walker among those throwing their support firmly in the corner of presidential contender Donald Trump.

Despite the firestorm of criticism Trump has received for his Muslim immigration ban proposal, Walker believes Trump is the best option to “save America.”

In fact, Walker guarantees Trump would outperform all other candidates should he be elected to the presidency.

Via TMZ:

Walker has supported Trump from the beginning — but with Donald coming under fire for his proposed plan to block Muslims from entering the U.S., we had to ask if he had abandoned ship.

The short answer — no, he’s still Team Trump all the way.

“Look, we can’t build a wall and not let people in the country,” Walker tells TMZ Sports … “But we do have to get this country safe. We have to quit being politically correct.”

“We have to do what’s right to save America … I guarantee you [Donald] would do better than a lot of people in office now. That I can tell you for a fact.”

Walker also pointed out that despite all of the ‘controversy’ surrounding Trump, his numbers never seem to go down.  He indicated that it’s because Trump is just saying what is on everybody’s mind.

“Donald is saying what people want to hear,” Walker claimed.

Walker isn’t the only professional athlete to endorse Trump. Check out this video:

Walker himself has been credited with restoring greatness in his career.  He is widely considered to have made America’s team great again as part of one of the most lopsided trades in NFL history in 1989.

Comment: Do you agree with Herschel Walker that Donald Trump is the only man who can ‘save America?’

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