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You Can’t Help But Gloat Over What Clinton Aides Did Before She Lost!


I’m not one to gloat, but in the case of last week’s election, I think it’s justly deserved to do so.

We’ve been branded as racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic, and a handful of other terms that were once serious charges. Liberals have now turned them into buzzwords, used when someone dares to support Donald Trump, so who wouldn’t gloat? There are hours of footage of Hillary Clinton supporters crying in response to the news of Trump’s victory on YouTube, and the schadenfreude is real.

Oh – and they weren’t the only ones who weren’t prepared for reality.

Mrs. Clinton’s campaign was so confident in her victory that her aides popped open Champagne on the campaign plane early Tuesday. But that conviction, aides would later learn, was based largely on erroneous data showing that young, black and Latino voters and suburban women who had been turned off by Mr. Trump’s comments but viewed Mrs. Clinton unfavorably would turn out for her in higher numbers than they ultimately did.


Think the reason Hillary didn’t give a concession speech the night of her loss is because she either didn’t prepare for a defeat, or was too busy crying?

Call me cruel, but I’m hoping the reason is both. Share if you agree!

H/T HotAir