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Here’s How Trump Just DESTROYED The Pro-Hillary Media!

Trump Media

The media keeps churning out hit piece after hit piece about GOP presumptive nominee Donald Trump. It seems the media wants to cover up Hillary Clinton’s email scandal whereas Trump is nowhere near in trouble. Just look at his rallies filling up stadiums where Hillary can only muster up her Soros paid group showing up in high school auditoriums.

Please, Trump broke the record for votes on both sides of the isle during the primary. People are angry; this is an entirely different election. If the DNC were wise they would concentrate on selling the unsellable – Hillary. But that’s the reason for bashing Trump, isn’t it?

While the media is going after Trump and singing his demise, he’s ramped up new hires for the home stretch and all intents and purposes, things look very good on the homefront!

From USA Today:

A day after a major campaign shake-up, Donald Trump announced a series of new hires on Tuesday.

Their duties include a focus of battleground states, human resources, digital communication and coordination of campaign surrogates.

“I continue to build a team of great people that will ensure we win in November,” Trump said in a statement. “I have received more votes than any Republican in the history of the party and I am confident that, along with my team, we will take our movement to the White House and Make America Great Again.”

On Monday, Trump fired campaign manager Corey Lewandowski. One of the reasons, advisers said, was that Lewandowski blocked new hires for a campaign that many people believe is inadequately staffed for a general election.

Among the new hires, the campaign announced:

• Jim Murphy as national political director, focusing on the campaign’s key battleground states

• Lucia Castellano as director of human resources

• Brad Parscale to head the Trump campaign’s digital team

• Kevin Kellems as director of surrogates

Trump has “also added staff to the Communications Division to expand its research and rapid response capabilities,” the campaign said in a statement. “More hires in this department are expected to be announced as the campaign continues to grow prior to the convention in July.”

If you listen to the Liberal media, Trump is about done in. They never say anything about what is going on behind the scenes in Hillary’s campaign. You want my prediction, it is free, about what is going to happen with the FBI investigation into the Hillary scandals? Here it is: The FBI will soon issue its findings, and pass them on to the Justice Department. There will be indictable offenses in the findings. The Justice Department will sit on these until after the election. After the election, Obama will pardon Hillary.

We the people have to stay on the truth. That’s why you are here for this moment. You are the opposite of the mainstream media. You have to fight back and make participating in politics well worth it again. Stand up for this nation and fight against DC corruption.

Do you think these new changes in staff will hurt or help the Trump campaign? Do you ever think the media will start calling out Hillary Clinton in the same fashion? Share your opinions below in the comment section and don’t forget to add the story to your Facebook or Twitter timeline.


Comments on “Here’s How Trump Just DESTROYED The Pro-Hillary Media!”

  1. Burnel says:

    If Trump keeps his nose clean as he has done in the past and only posts truths about Hillary being corrupt, she will break her nose in the coming conflict. She cannot help but tell a lie, and the people are on to her.