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Here’s How Trump Responds When Asked About His Endorsement From White Supremacists

Trump KKK

This morning, Donald Trump was asked by CNN’s Jake Tapper to respond to his endorsement from KKK leader and White Supremacist David Duke.

Yesterday, Trump dealt rather handily with a protester who brought it up, using the moment to remark on how in the “old days” the protester would have been beaten and thrown out by the police.

Watch his exchange with Tapper.

It is a bit odd that Trump doesn’t out-right condemn the KKK, right?

He claims he doesn’t know what organization Tapper is talking about. He’s never heard of the KKK?

This, combined with what Trump said about Iran yesterday, really has me questioning him.

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Comments on “Here’s How Trump Responds When Asked About His Endorsement From White Supremacists”

  1. secularsceptic says:

    Even the Daily Caller acknowledges that Trump had repudiated David Duke and the KKK before the CNN interview: “Previously Trump had disavowed support from both white supremacists and David Duke.” This is much ado about nothing. Both Hillary and Burnie Sanders have embraced the cop killing Black Lives Matter group who openly march while chanting: “What do we want? Dead cops” Save your indignation.