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Here’s How Liberals Are Trying To Compare Oregon To Black Lives Matter – WRONG!


Burning land as a fire break – or to help with crops – is completely normal across the country. Almost all of the time these fires go a little further than expected, sometimes into federal land. The Hammond family at the center of the Oregon story is the first to be seriously prosecuted because the government wants their land. The local judge knew this was wrong, so he gave them a short sentence, which the feds didn’t like. Now the feds are illegally imprisoning them again; it’s called double jeopardy.

I don’t know if this is the right move by these amazing patriots, but at least they are doing something.

Watching liberals try to compare the events in Oregon to what happened in Ferguson and Baltimore is malpractice to say the least. As a black man who uses common sense every day, I can say this is totally stupid. Check out this tweet by failed CNN contributor Roland Martin:

The ignorant masses in both of these places (Ferguson, Baltimore) were controlled by George Soros and used Molotov cocktails while burning businesses, tearing up state property, and assaulting police and citizens. This Oregon situation hasn’t been at that point yet.

Here are more of twitter users going off because of the situation in Oregon and as you will see, many are just downright nasty:


What are your thoughts about these responses? The liberal media has gotten a hold of this situation and they are running with it. Will you offset them and wake up the masses?