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Here’s A List Of Hollywood Celebrities Rallying Behind Trump!

Warning For Hillary

Hollywood has never been friendly to conservatives or Republicans, with many of them forced to hold secret meetings to discuss politics rather than risk being blacklisted from the A-list community.

Well, now that Donald Trump has locked up the Republican nomination, a group of Hollywood actors are urging the #NeverTrump movement to rally behind the party’s nominee.

From The Hollywood Reporter:

At the end of this month, some wealthy California Republicans — including some Hollywood movers and shakers who lean right in famously liberal Tinseltown — had scheduled an anti-Trump strategy session. Insiders say the gathering hasn’t yet been canceled, but with Donald Trump the presumptive GOP nominee now that Ted Cruz and John Kasich are out, the agenda probably will need some tweaking.

Some of those involved in the secret meeting are “never-Trumpers,” meaning they’ll vote for a third-party candidate or not at all rather than cast their lot with the former host of The Celebrity Apprentice. But judging from dozens of conversations with members of Hollywood’s mostly underground community of conservatives, these never-Trumpers are in the minority. Big time.

“Trump knows people here, he has hired people here, and Hollywood loves the familiar. He’s the first candidate since Ronald Reagan to have roots here,” says writer-producer Lionel Chetwynd, one of the founders of Friends of Abe, a private group of Hollywood conservatives better known by its “FOA” acronym.

“Most in our community are opting for Trump now, some will later, and only about two that I know of are never-Trumpers,” he says.


Jeremy Boreing, a filmmaker who runs FOA, confirms that Trump “has a lot of friends” within the group of 2,300, especially after he addressed them in July.

“The party of Abraham Lincoln is now the party of Donald Trump,” says Boreing. “Our long legacy of championing human freedom, small government and individual liberty is now in his hands. I hope it guides him.”

While several insiders say Trump could easily raise money in Hollywood, Shawn Steel, the RNC representative for California, says the candidate may be better off without it.

“Trump laughs at Barbra Streisand’s and Steven Spielberg’s money, while Hillary scrounges on the floor for Hollywood’s pennies. Americans prefer Trump’s approach,” says Steel. “This will be one of the most amazing elections in 200 years and for the first time pop culture will dominate.”

“Hillary is the equivalent of a movie producer, selling favors to all sides, and she’s going to burn people,” he says. “The political class doesn’t understand Trump, and Hillary has no idea what she’s in for. He’s in a class of his own in terms of celebrity. Who can resist him when he’s on TV?”

Some Hollywood conservatives worry the news media now will take aim at Trump. But one of his earliest and biggest supporters, Ann Coulter, says any attacks will largely bounce off The Donald.


“They don’t understand what’s going on,” he says. “This isn’t the Republican party running, it’s an insurgency … The dumbest remark I heard after Trump locked up the nomination was from Geraldo Rivera, who predicted Donald will swing to the center and stop talking about building a wall. If Trump does that, the wheels will come off this country. The people already feel so betrayed, and Trump knows it.”

Actor and L.A. County GOP chair Mark Vafiades says that while some celebrities are outwardly for Trump — Jon Voight, Ted Nugent, Robert Davi, and Scott Baio among them — there are many more who are less vocal about their support.

Do you think Trump needs/wants the support of Hollywood Republicans? Who on this list would help Trump’s candidacy the most? Share your thoughts with us below!!

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  1. Vonnie says:

    WHY do most of these political sites use the most obnoxious and ridiculous photos of Trump? I’m sure he has some very attractive pics, so it must be their way of ridiculing him without really saying anything that could be held against them!

  2. Dora says:

    Trumps are guy. Get on the Trump Train to straighten out all the bad stuff obama and his ilk have done to our America.

    1. Dora says:

      Oops…sorry…should have been “our” guy.

  3. Diane says:

    This country is in dire need of a President who actually loves America and that’s why Donald Trump is the man for the office. Anyone who votes otherwise is brain dead!