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Here’s One Question To Stump Every Pro-Choice Liberal!

I’ve always wondered at what moment the typical pro-choicer thinks life begins. The vast majority of people (including most pro-choicers) are against partial birth abortion, so there’s clearly a line drawn to them somewhere.

If they wouldn’t support abortion of a child during birth, what about a day before? Or a week before? Certainly the line must stretch back further than just during birth.

Dan Joseph from MRCTV decided to figure it out for himself – asking pro-choicers that very question. Wait till you see how they respond.

Pro-choice activists picketing outside the U.S. Supreme Court recently were visibly uncomfortable when asked this simple question: At what point in a pregnancy should it be illegal for a woman to have an abortion?

“I don’t think it’s necessary to have that conversation,” one of the pro-choice activists told Dan Joseph with MRCTV, when asked the question. “It’s arbitrary to have that question.”

Another woman’s jaw dropped, and she replied several seconds later. “I don’t think that’s my question to answer,” she said. “I’m not pregnant.”

“I think, you know, nobody knows what it’s like to step in a woman’s shoes except her,” another pro-choice activist said after initially staring blankly at Joseph for several seconds.

H/T The Daily Caller

I’ll have to say, I’ve always loved the line of reasoning on abortion that if you’re either male or not pregnant, you can’t have an opinion on the issue. By that same logic, the gun control zealots of today shouldn’t be able to lecture us on their cause because none of them own guns.

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