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Hilarious: Senators Ringtone Goes Off During Hearing – Leaves Everyone Puzzled


In the cold, hard world of political hearings and testimony, one Congressman managed to find a way to unintentionally break the ice yesterday.

During a hearing in which Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack was addressing the Senate Finance Committee regarding the ever-engaging topic of American tariff policies, a voice suddenly interrupted his testimony.

The voice was rather unexpected for a Senate hearing – Queen Elsa.

Seems Senator Pat Roberts (R-KS) forgot to turn down his phone volume prior to the meeting, and lo and behold, his ringtone is none other than the song ‘Let It Go.’

As he turned the phone off, Roberts let out an exasperated “Oh come on.” ┬áHe then told Vilsack, “Just let it go, mister.”

Watch the funny clip below…

And just because we wouldn’t want our readers to go the whole weekend without having the song stuck in their head, here is a video of U.S. Marines singing┬áLet It Go. Trust us, it’s worth it to make it to the 2:20 mark.