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HILARIOUS! These Military Robot Fails Look Just Like Drunk People Falling!

Each year, the US Department of Defense hosts the Robotics Challenge Finals, giving nerds across the nation a chance to impress the brass with their designs for the war machines of the future. Like this:


But just occasionally, the dreams of the egg heads fall down. Literally, in some cases.

Take a look at this video below, first flagged up by the superb British blogger Guido Fawkes (honestly, go visit his website now, we’ll wait). It’s a compilation of this year’s less-than stellar entries in the Robotics Challenge:

And don’t they look suspiciously like drunk dudes falling down after a particularly heavy frat party?

Hope the video makes you laugh… but don’t get too cocky. The scientists behind some of these robots probably accomplish more in a day than many of us will in our entire lives. Just sayin’.

What do you think of the Robotics Challenge? Let us know below: