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Hilarious Video: Hillary Wipes Out – You’ll Watch Again and Again!


Hillary Clinton’s campaign continues to stumble. She’s been tripped up by Benghazi and her email scandal. The former First Lady keeps losing ground to self-described Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders.

Much like her campaign, Hillary herself took a tumble when she was Secretary of State. She fell boarding a plane on her way to Yemen.

While everyone falls, it’s interesting to highlight that if a Republican fell, we’d have seen the video looped on the news. She hit the ground in a head first tumble. It’s also hilarious because it’s a metaphor for her flailing campaign!

In 2008, the left skewered John McCain over his age. They wanted to portray him as not being able to outlive a four year term.

If McCain took a fall like this, how many times do you think we would have seen it on the news? Please comment below.