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Hilarious! This Human Vs. Spider Battle Will Make Your Day


We’ve all had times in our lives where we’ve had to fight off a creepy-crawly.

But thankfully, no one was around to record us as we did. Because let’s face it, when we go into combat with a spider, cockroach, or other nasty bug, we tend to lose our dignity.

So please spare a thought for this poor Irish mother, who, while trying to get rid of a spider in her living room, was filmed by her giggling son.

And because said son is a millennial, he promptly posted the footage online. It’s now gone viral, with internet users across the world laughing at the woman’s expense:

Thanks for making us laugh, Irish mum. If it’s any conciliation to you, I’ve behaved far worse in front of a cockroach.

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H/T: London Mail