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Hilarious YouTube Experiment Catches Bike Thieves, and Nobody Saw this Ending Coming – (MUST SEE!)

TwinzTV, a popular Youtube channel, decided to see what would happen if they left an unattended bicycle in a park in a neighborhood known for crime.

Bike Thieves

There’s one catch. The YouTubers tied the bike to a tree with a discrete rope which resulted in some instant justice for several would-be bike thieves.

Of course, this is YouTube and many prank channels are known for at least partially setting up their videos, so take the results with a grain of salt.

Check out this video:


Let’s just say I am glad my mother taught me so much better. These hoodlums didn’t expect the bike to be locked and suffered for their ignorance – but what were your thoughts about the last thief? Karma huh?

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H/T – TwinzTV