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Hillary Finally Asked About Alleged Drone Strike Against Wikileaks’ Assange

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For a woman who wants the citizens of the greatest and most powerful country in the history of our planet to vote for her, she sure has a hard time remembering anything!

Wikieaks released a document earlier this week that showed a transcript of then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton suggesting the US Government murder Wikileaks founder Julian Assange with a drone strike. Here is the transcript:

According to the twitter video below from the Wikileaks timeline, now Hillary says “if” she said that, it was a joke. How many world leaders joke about murdering people? I find it hard to believe anyone with any intelligence would trust this woman. Although nothing surprises me about people anymore!

From Newsmax:

As Wikileaks celebrated its 10th anniversary in Berlin with founder Julian Assange vowing to publish new “significant” documents related to the U.S. presidential elections ahead of the Nov. 8 vote, Hillary Clinton said she did not remember ever joking about a drone attack on Assange during her tenure as secretary of state, Politico reported.

“I don’t know anything about what [WikiLeaks] is talking about, and I don’t recall any joke. It would have been a joke had it been said, but I don’t recall that,” Clinton said of a report published Sunday by the website True Pundit.

The website cited anonymous “State Department sources” in the report to claim Clinton, in 2010, asked some staff members, “Can’t we just drone this guy?” referring to Assange, who was then preparing to release 250,000 secret U.S. cables.

Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook declined to comment on the rumor, telling WTTG Fox 5 DC reporter Ronica Cleary, “I’m reticent to comment on anything that the Wikileaks people have said. They’ve made a lot of accusations in the past.”

“Donald Trump and his allies are trying to do everything they can to change the debate here right now . . . They got to find some way to change this up, and they’re trying to do that by doubling down on conspiracy theories,” Mook added.

Wikileaks has so far released approximately 20,000 emails from seven accounts belonging to DNC staffers in July.

She can’t RECALL?! How in heck can she lead our country when she keeps stating that she can’t recall anything? Guys come on, this is a no-brainer. Would you want a Commander-in-Chief with their finger near the nuclear button who CAN’T RECALL joking about murdering their enemies?

Do you think Hillary would actually murder Julian Assange if she were president?

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I love the way she can only remember the things that she wants to remember. Just like that kid, that doesn’t remember why he stole that candy bar. It was in his hands but he doesn’t remember how it got there. And this is what some would want to see as President.

Do you think Hillary is lying about not knowing about this drone strike statement regarding Assange? Share your comments below and let me know what you think.

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