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What Did Hillary Tell The Bankers?


Hillary is not just under fire for her emails, but also for her secretive high-dollar speeches she gave to Goldman-Sachs and other banks. And she is resistant to release the transcripts of those speeches:

Via The New York Slimes

In response to a question at Thursday night’s debate, Hillary Clinton said she would “look into” the possibility of releasing transcripts of her paid remarks to banking, corporate and financial services companies like Goldman Sachs.

But by Friday morning, it did not appear that much looking was underway.

Joel Benenson, Mrs. Clinton’s pollster, gave little indication at a Wall Street Journal breakfast with reporters that the transcripts would be forthcoming.

“I don’t think voters are interested in the transcripts of her speeches,” he said.

Whether they are made public is up to the Clinton campaign. Speaking contracts typically give the speaker the right to decide whether any material from a particular speech can be shared beyond the room. Goldman Sachs, for one, declined to make an on-the-record statement.

Hillary can’t really explain why she took the $225,000 for her two speeches.

She has struggled to explain why she took that money, saying at a CNN forum on Wednesday night: “Well, I don’t know. That’s what they offered.”

She said she did not regret taking it, though, noting that other former secretaries of states had given paid speeches and adding that no one could influence her politically.

This will only get worse for Hillary. With her lead against Sanders evaporating, she’ll eventually have no choice but to come clean on what she told the bankers!

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  1. Edward says:

    And this you want for President? If she becomes pres, I move to Belize………..