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FINALLY! Hillary Busted For Breaking The Law!


After video surfaced of Hillary Clinton hilariously unable to ride the New York Subway, we have just learned that the Democratic frontunner just violated the law by campaigning on a subway train! BUSTED!

From The Guardian:

There was another problem with Clinton’s ride aboard the 4 Train, one that the media all but ignored: Hillary Clinton broke the subway rules, and did so not only within full sight of New York City officials and law enforcement, who stood around and watched her do it.

According to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s (MTA) Rules of Conduct, the subway system is for transporting riders to their destinations, and nothing else. But the rules list several exceptions, including “campaigning”. So far, so good, Hillary Clinton.

However, Section 1050.6(c)1 of the subway rules states unequivocally that none of these activities may be performed on the actual subway cars.

This is the rule Clinton broke. Clinton’s defenders might think the short subway trip wasn’t actually campaigning, but I’d urge them to watch a video of her two-stop ride – from Yankee Stadium to 170th Street – that clearly shows Clinton glad-handing on the train itself.

She’s aided in doing so by Rubén Díaz Jr, the president of the borough of the Bronx, who introduces her to strap-hangers as “the next president of the United States, Hillary Clinton”. If that wasn’t enough, Clinton then takes some questions from the press aboard the 4 Train car.

The incident is all the more galling because there are actual, regular New Yorkers trying to make ends meet who are arrested for violating the same rules that Clinton disregards with impunity. These regular New Yorkers are, of course, the acrobatic showtime performers and musicians – a cultural point of pride for the city – who perform legally on platforms and other areas of the transit system (not always without harassment) but are barred from playing on board subway cars by the same rules that should have prevented Clinton’s campaigning.

Given that the FBI and the Obama Justice Department has so far failed to indict Hillary for her illegal private e-mail server, it is unlikely that the far-left New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio will charge Mrs. Clinton with this most recent crime!

Here’s the video of Hillary unable to figure out the New York Subway:

Do you think Mrs. Clinton should be penalized for illegally campaigning on a subway, or is this just a misunderstanding? Share your thoughts below!