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Hillary’s Attempt to Relate to American Women Is an Embarrassing Reflection of Her Competence


A new campaign ad for Hillary Clinton features a woman riding a carousel while a voice declares “this is our country.”

There’s just one problem. The woman filmed for the ad happens to be riding that carousel at the Eiffel Tower… in Paris… France.

Via the Weekly Standard:

Take a look at the video screenshot:

Then take a look at this Google Map view from the bottom of the Eiffel Tower:

Why France is ‘our country’ all of a sudden is anybody’s guess, and there has been no word on why Ms. Clinton has declared war on the French. Seems like a rather aggressive move for a presidential candidate.

After saying “this is our country” the ad goes on to say “the American promise, that’s ours too.”

It further goes on to say this is “for the abuelitas who hold our families together.” Abuelitas is Spanish for ‘grandma.’

So there you have it Hillary fans – America is all about abuelitas and women in France.

Comment: Would this gaffe have been a bigger deal had it involved a Republican presidential campaign?