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Cartoon NAILS Hillary’s REAL Strategy to Defeat Trump

Is the media honest about anything?

They tell us about the violence at Trump rallies, but never tell us that it’s Trump supporters being assaulted, and Hillary (or formally, Bernie) supporters instigating it. They tell us that voter fraud isn’t real, then criticize journalists like James O’Keefe for exposing the Hillary campaign trying to commit it.

The latest media narrative is that Donald Trump is now adopting a “scorched-earth strategy.” John Podesta tells us that this is what’s driving Trump’s decline in the (totally unbiased) polls. Apparently he hasn’t been paying attention. Going all out on his opponents is how Trump got to where he is today. Who could forget how he dismantled his competitors one by one during the Republican Primary?

In fact, Trump is hardly the only one with a scorched earth strategy. The media has been happy to attempt such a strategy against Trump’s campaign.


The media is happy to generate outrage over Trump’s comments, no matter how minorly offensive they are to people who aren’t professionally offended, while ignoring Hillary’s very real scandals.

We know from her emails that she believed that Saudi Arabia and Qatar were funding ISIS – but that didn’t seem to matter when they were donating to the Clinton Foundation.

H/T Comically Incorrect

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