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Hillary Goes FULL Socialist After The FBI Lets Her Off Scot-Free

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One of the downsides of Bernie Sanders’ presence in the Democrat primary was that he dragged Hillary Clinton far to the left. He even got her to claim that she’s always supported a $15 minimum wage at one point (hint: she never did until that moment).

Bernie is out of the race now (mathematically, not officially), but he’s still dragging Hillary further left from beyond his campaign’s grave. Polls show anywhere between 30-50% of Bernie supporters saying they wouldn’t back Hillary in a general election, and that must be worrying her.

Now, he’s brought her to adopt yet another one of his socialist stances, this one in regards to higher education.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton rolled out a tuition-free public college proposal before a campaign stop Wednesday in Atlantic City.

While Clinton has maintained a promise throughout her campaign to make public college debt-free if elected president, her opponent, Sen. Bernie Sanders, has taken the idea one step further by vowing to make all public colleges tuition-free.

Now, following a meeting between the two candidates last month in Washington, CBS News reports that Clinton has adopted a variation of her opponent’s staggering tuition-free college proposal, adding it to the existing elements of her approach.

Under Clinton’s revised plan, prospective students from families with an annual income of $85,000 or less would be exempt from paying tuition at in-state public colleges or universities, a campaign aide told CBS. Over the next four years, the income requirement would increase by $10,000 annually, with that number capping out $125,000 by 2021.

Sanders has estimated that his tuition-free plan would cost $750 billion over a 10-year period, while Clinton has estimated that her debt-free plan would cost $350 billion over 10 years, but the Clinton campaign has yet to indicate where her revised proposal might fall on that spectrum.

H/T: Campus Reform

Great, what will be next? Health care?

Who knows – hopefully the further Left she goes, the more people she scares off.

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