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Here’s What You Missed During FBI Hillary Briefing – You’ll Kick Yourself For This!

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By now you know the FBI will NOT recommend criminal charges against Hillary Clinton for her email scandal.

His statement came “coincidentally” just days after Bill Clinton met privately with the Attorney General. It came three days after Hillary was interviewed by the FBI. It came just hours before Hillary campaigned together with Barack Obama in North Carolina. Comey said he had “not coordinated” his remarks with anyone.

Comey spent 14 minutes detailing how Hillary Clinton DID send and received information CLASSIFIED AT THE TIME on her unprotected private email server.

Comey said she had done so with emails she turned over to the FBI, and emails they found she had not turned over.

Some of the information transmitted was top-secret.

Comey flatly said Hillary had been “extremely careless” in the handling of classified information.

It’s a sad day that a public figure like Hillary Clinton is not held to the same rule of law everyone else is held to. They can say all they want that nothing here has been coordinated, but it’s clear to all but yellow-dog Democrats that something is really rotten about all of this.

In case you missed the press conference, let me wrap it up for you. “She did it. She’s guilty. Nevermind!” She will not face any charges. In layman’s terms, if you or I were in a car accident that killed someone we would be charged even if there was no criminal intent!! One word—CORRUPT!

Comey stood before the cameras and told us everything illegal that Hillary Clinton did on emails and national security, and THEN he tells us little people that “no reasonable prosecutor would prosecute this case” — well maybe the idiots need to step aside and let some real prosecutors take over!

Please please don’t vote for her!

H/T: Youtube, Washington Free Beacon

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Comments on “Here’s What You Missed During FBI Hillary Briefing – You’ll Kick Yourself For This!”

  1. Artem says:

    The FBI, aka FIB, has been and always will be a joke. For years, the media has hyped them as an elite law enforcement agency. They are really nothing more than glorified desk jockeys with a four-year degree. A uniformed police officer with six months on the job has more knowledge, experience, and street savvy than ten FIB agents! Connect the dots people! Slick Willy meets with Loretta Lynch, she meets with Comey, he recommends no charges, and Obuma hits the campaign trail with Hillary.