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They Helped Hillary Get Away With It- Now They’re BRAGGING!

Hillary Clinton Emails
Hillary isn’t the only one running victory laps after avoiding justice for illegally deleting her emails.

Via Breitbart:

The makers of the app responsible for clearing Hillary Clinton’s private server of potentially damaging emails has bragged that it managed to stop the FBI from accessing them.
BleachBit, a publicly available application designed to “free disk space and tirelessly guard your privacy,” boasted on its website that it had stifled the investigation with the headline: “BleachBit Stifles Investigation of Hillary Clinton.”

This is how brazen people are. You can openly brag about BREAKING THE LAW so long as you did it in the name of Hillary. OUTRAGEOUS

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Comments on “They Helped Hillary Get Away With It- Now They’re BRAGGING!”

  1. Adrian says:

    Has everyone forgotten that the IRS published that the Clinton Foundation only uses 10% of their money for “good works?” How long has it been, if ever, that you heard, read for viewed that from major media? Don’t hold your breath for a headline…

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for more.