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I Can’t Believe After Everything Hillary’s Done, She Gets Rewarded With THIS!

Hillary Clinton

Well, I guess the Chinese and the North Koreans will start salivating at the prospect of Hillary Clinton being given intelligence briefings after everything she’s done with her private email server and hacked systems. Haven’t they  donated to her foundation too?

This is sick. Hillary hasn’t earned the right or trust to receive briefings. How much more damage will she do to America once those start!  She’s already proved she is incompetent with important documents. They can’t seriously be showing her more.

From The Hill:

Once the Democratic National Convention wraps up this week and Hillary Clinton officially becomes the party’s nominee, both presidential candidates will begin receiving classified intelligence briefings.

Official confirmation won’t come until Clinton officially secures the Democratic Party’s nomination this week in Philadelphia.”The briefings are traditionally given after nominating conventions have identified all the candidates,” a senior intelligence official told ABC News.

Both nominees will receive the same intelligence briefings about threats from around the world. Vice presidential candidates Mike Pence and Tim Kaine will also be briefed.

The briefings are a pared-down version of the President’s Daily Brief; how much information nominees get is ultimately up to the president, according to The Daily Beast.

It will be the first time that Trump, a businessman who has never served in government, will receive government intelligence briefings.

But concerns have also been raised about briefing Clinton, due to her handling of classified information over her private email server when she was secretary of State.

Hillary Clinton

So she has proven she cannot be trusted with classified information but hey lets just give her more secrets to share/sell. This is a VERY CORRUPT government and the people that have elected these people into office giving them generous salaries and a lifetime of medical care should be ashamed and right their wrong. The Democrat voters should demand they produce a trustworthy candidate!

Lowest ranking service members would have lost access to classified information and it should also apply to her. No matter what spin is put onto her behavior, she violated OPSEC procedures and her blatant disregard for these procedures merits not granting her access.

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