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After Everything She’s Done, There’s No Way Hillary Should Be Given This!

Hillary Clinton

I trust Donald Trump to receive national intelligence briefings way more than Hillary Clinton and here’s why.

I have not heard of Trump losing any industrial security information during his business days. Kept his business dealings and information on projects secure as far as I can tell. Additionally, I have not heard of the RNC systems being hacked, so it appears to me they have a good idea of security.

Contrast while former Sec. of State, Hillary Clinton was “extremely careless” handling the nation’s classified information. She proved to everyone that she would do as she pleases with the nation’s intelligence information. Lied time and time again to the American public about it. Additionally, the DNC gets their systems hacked and secrets exposed.

Maybe Hillary could have the Russians read her briefings to her and cut out the middleman. She has shown how reckless she can be with national security information. She should lose her security clearance.

From NY Times:

American intelligence officials will soon contact the two campaigns to schedule a wide-ranging briefing for each on global conflicts, the status of America’s military campaigns overseas and the latest maneuverings by foreign governments, both friend, and foe.

This quadrennial rite of passage for presidential candidates usually takes place while few people pay attention. Not now. Recent statements on the campaign trail and barbed accusations by both candidates about their opponent’s ability to handle classified information have focused attention on the intelligence briefings and raised questions about how much, or how little, the spies will share with the candidates.

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence coordinates the briefings that the candidates will receive, and they will be conducted by intelligence briefers who will meet each candidate on the campaign trail, at a nearby F.B.I. field office or other secure government facility.

Speaker Paul Ryan is fuming that Clinton has been granted access to viewing and listening to these reports:

It seems likely that Hillary Clinton’s partners, the foreign governments that have paid her and her slush fund “charity” hundreds of millions of dollars, are eagerly awaiting these briefings.

FBI Director James Comey made it quite clear that Hillary is so inept and loose with our nation’s security and top secret information that she cannot be trusted with any of our secrets.

If I had to, and I mean really had to, I would give them both briefings because that is the right thing to do, but I would have constant surveillance around Hillary 24/7. I would monitor her dreams just in case something tried to slip by.

Do you think Hillary should receive intelligence reports after everything she’s done? Do you think Trump should be given the reports? Share your comments below. Help support conservative news and views by sharing this post on Facebook and Twitter.