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Gun Sellers LOVE Hillary – Here’s Why

Hillary Clinton guns

Barack Obama has been called the world’s greatest gun salesman, and the firearms industry would be foolish to deny it.

Every time Obama opens his mouth on gun control, people rush out to purchase firearms. According to one estimate, gun production has doubled under his Presidency. Probably not the unintended consequence of pushing for gun control that he was looking for.

With it still possible that Hillary Clinton will win the Presidency, gun manufactures are seeing a similar boom in business in anticipation of her victory.

Now some gun dealers say worries about a Hillary Clinton victory in the 2016 presidential election are already helping to keep gun sales booming. “She’s going to try to continue where President Obama left off, and that would include the gun control route,” said Michael Cargill, owner of Central Texas Guns in Austin, Texas

Added Justin Anderson, director of marketing at Hyatt Guns in Charlotte, North Carolina, the nation’s largest gun store: “She will be very, very likely do her level best to erode gun rights. There is no question in our minds. There is no question in our customers’ minds.”

Clinton supports what she calls a “commonsense approach” to reduce gun violence, including increasing the number of gun sales subject to background checks.

H/T CBS News.

Here’s what’s happened to gun sales under Barack Obama’s presidency.

Among the “commonsense” gun measures Hillary has proposed is holding gun manufactures liable for crimes committed with any firearms they’ve manufactured. I guess she’ll propose holding grocery stores liable for the obesity epidemic next.

Are you buying guns in case Hillary Clinton becomes President? Let us know what you think about gun control in the comments below.