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Hillary Clinton Came Out of Hiding for the Most Cringeworthy Reason

Don’t you wish Hillary Clinton was still hiding in the woods, just like she did in the weeks following her crushing defeat to Donald Trump? Unfortunately for us, she’s back in the public eye once again, prompting even a few liberals to tell her to head back to the woods.

So what’s she up to now? When she’s not blaming her election loss on James Comey, Wikileaks, her emails, sexism, racism, or any other variable aside from herself, she’s doing what she does best: raising money.

Well, it’s official: Hillary Clinton’s super PAC that will fund groups fighting the agenda of President Donald J. Trump is active. The former first lady and two-time presidential loser made her future plans known at the Women for Women International luncheon earlier this month. While she yet again blamed the Russians and former FBI Director James Comey for costing her the election, which is nonsense, she also said that she’s part of the resistance against Trump. The point of the lance in this effort is Onward Together, a super PAC that will fund organizations fighting the Trump White House and eventually fund 2018 candidates.


H/T Townhall

On the campaign trail, she spoke about the importance about getting “dark money” super PACs out of politics.

Not like it’s news that Hillary Clinton is a hypocrite, but here’s example #5,000.

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