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Hillary in Trouble! THIS is How Much Money She Already Wasted!

hillary clinton

We know Democrats tend to be fiscally irresponsible when it comes to government, so it should be no surprise when they’re the same with their own finances. Such is the case of Hillary Clinton, who’s spending her campaign donations as fast as they’re coming in.

To quote from the Washington Post:

Clinton pulled in more than $28 million and spent an estimated $24.8 million, for a burn rate of about 88.7 percent, based on early numbers released by her campaign. As of Sept. 30, she still had more than $32 million on hand, campaign spokesman Josh Schwerin said in a tweet Thursday.

That gives her a small financial cushion over Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), who raised $26 million and had $26.5 million left in the bank heading into October. But Sanders only spent an estimated $11.6 million — less than one out of every two dollars he raised — showing how far he has been able to take his insurgent bid with a relatively lean operation.

In other words, nearly 90% of the money Hillary took in over the summer is already gone. We like to criticize liberals for wasting money, but this time maybe it’s helping us!

When will Hillary’s campaign finally collapse? Let us know your favorite Clinton campaign blunder in the comments.