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Hillary Clinton Just Warned Iran She Will Use Military Force If They Think About Breaking Deal

Hillary Rodham Clinton issued a stern warning to Iran that as president she would “not hesitate” to take military action to stop the country from acquiring nuclear weapons.

Did I miss something over the past seven years? Hillary Clinton was instrumental in starting the war in Libya and backing the now-overthrown Egyptian government run by the Muslim Brotherhood. And, as Secretary of State she is responsible for the current stance on Syria as well as backing rebels in Syria to overthrow Assad.

She bears direct responsibility for the refugee crisis in Europe and for the growth of ISIS as former Secretary of State, and architect of the foreign policy pursed by Kerry and Obama, whose combined intelligence is less than that of an acorn.

Now she is backing the “death” play. Anyone who backs this liar is a fool, and any U.S. Senator, who supports the Iran nuclear deal, will have come as close as possible to acting as a traitor to his or her country.


By the way, did you see just today what the Iranian Supreme Ayatollah said about “The Great Satan” and the non-existence of Israel in 25 years? Oh, and Hillary will take military action against an Iran armed with a nuclear bomb, but is afraid of military action against an Iran without one?

Check out this video excerpt:

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