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Hillary Clinton Makes My Grandma Look Hip – Yet Wants To Lead a Modern Nation?

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Hillary Clinton sure chose a bad time to start telling jokes! At a recent press conference, the news media learned why it is that Clinton so infrequently subjects herself to the questions of a normally friendly press corps. One of the few who doesn’t toe the party line, Ed Henry of Fox News, had some seriously tough questions for Hillary which left her stumped, squirming, frustrated and showed just how embarrassingly ill-informed she is about technology, even when it belongs to her and has classified information stored on it.

More full remarks can be found here and it’s certainly an enjoyable watch:

Some highlights include:

Henry: The FBI believes that you tried to wipe the entire server…
Hillary: My personal emails are my personal business… Under the law that decision [on what to turn over] is made by the official. I was the official. I made those decisions.


Henry: Did you wipe the server? You were the official in charge.
Hillary: What, with a cloth or something? … I don’t know how it works at all!

This is the woman who Americans are supposed to trust with state secrets and possibly to run the country? Either Clinton is a liar and conducted sensitive government information on a server that was stored in a bathroom or she’s utterly incompetent. What a choice.

Do you think Clinton is a liar or a fool?