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Hillary Clinton Just SPAT In Face Of Media With This Snub!

Even though I am against the mainstream media and the cover-ups they give Hillary Clinton, they most definitely won’t like the latest news coming from the Clinton campaign team. Hillary’s lack of press conferences is starting to become part of the American fabric. The media keeps calling for them and she keeps saying she gives one on ones every day and sooner or later she will give them what they want but time keeps slipping.

She can’t hold press conferences right now because she might have further lies uncovered and she is afraid she will slip while answering the media questions. The Democrats need to wise up, they are trying to elect an ill, evil, reckless and lawless woman into power.

Hillary Clinton

From The Hill:

Hillary Clinton’s press secretary says she will hold regular press conferences if president, predicting the Democratic nominee will hold one “soon.”

Clinton’s last formal press conference was 272 days ago.

Campaign press secretary Brian Fallon on Friday assured ABC News podcast “Powerhouse Politics” that if elected, “Hillary Clinton will hold press conferences.”

“The amount of interaction can only go up,” Fallon explained, noting that the press covering Clinton’s campaign will now be allowed to travel on the same plane as her.

“I’m sure that will bring with it a lot of opportunities for additional access to the candidate and interactions between her and the traveling press corps that covers her every day,” Fallon said.

Clinton’s last formal press conference was Dec. 4, 2015 — before any votes were cast in the presidential primaries.

“We have done a lot of interviews,” Fallon argued.

“But I know that no matter how many questions we answer in a variety of formats, it is the press’s job to always demand more access.”

Clinton will be a disaster as President. That said, she is politically savvy. Why would she hold a press conference? All she needs to do is allow Trump to continue speaking. His idiocy alone is enough to ensure her election.

I’m sure there are FBI agents and Justice Dept employees chomping at the bit to catch her contradicting sworn testimony. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s been advised not to do pressers by legal counsel for just that reason. That’s not exactly transparency folks.

The Nation is finally beginning to recognize the incestuous relationship between Hillary and the rest of America’s Elite Ruling Class and its Media. She is a hollow candidate who states no policy, will not face the press and seems fragile, managed, and lost.

The last thing Hillary Clinton deserves is the Presidency. The only thing she honestly earned is an orange jumpsuit and a prison cell. Love Donald Trump or hate Donald Trump, our responsibility to this Country is to stop Hillary Clinton from becoming President.

Will Hillary run out the clock on skipping press conference opportunities? Can someone force her to give one? Share your opinions below in the comment section and let me know what you think.


Comments on “Hillary Clinton Just SPAT In Face Of Media With This Snub!”

  1. Susan says:

    Your comment further proves that the MSM is in the tank for this woman. Afraid you all will have to start reporting the news versus making it up or slanting it to your bias? snakes in the grass.