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This Hillary Photo Is Breaking The Internet…I Knew Something Was Wrong!


This picture has gone viral as it shows the Democratic Party nominee needing help walking up the steps. Barack Obama has been touting how Hillary was the most fit, most qualified person to be leader of this country but this photo shows us differently.

Clinton has serious neurological issues which are being covered up by the mainstream media because they are too deep into promoting her, along with global elitists.

One thing is for sure, and many voters will agree with me, Hillary might not be fit for the White House, but she is healthy enough for prison. It’s well known in the health circles in New York that she had a stroke. Don’t expect the lame stream media to investigate or demand she release her health records

From Conservative Outfitters:

Questions continue to swirl about Hillary Clinton’s health as new photos reveal the candiate requires more help from staff than the public realized. Reuters and Getty have published multiple photos showing 68-year-old Clinton being held by staffers as she cautiously makes her way up a handful of small stairs on what appears to be the porch of a residence.

Throughout the campaign Clinton has been plagued by regular chronic coughing fits leaving her unable to speak and seizure like episodes.

Hillary is a classic example of a political and life train wreck. She has been willing to lie, cheat & steal to get to this point and the curtain is going up to reveal the evil person she is. Nothing of importance she has said contained truth and her supporters are having a hard time swallowing it.

The image above could turn out to be a lightning rod for liberals to create a level of sympathy around this sick woman, as well as comparisons to FDR, throw in the woman card and the Libs think they have an absolute winner. Dems/Libs/Progressives are all about the victimhood and suffering of their heroes.

Hillary needs to drop out of the race and seek help from medical experts. She is unable to lead in her condition; we need a strong, healthy leader and she’s not it. Vote Trump and let’s get this country back on track again!

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