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Here’s The Proof Hillary Clinton Will LOSE To Donald Trump!

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God help us if Hillary Clinton becomes president. That event would mark the lowest moral compass point ever for our country. The bar for honesty, integrity, competence and truthfulness will sit on the bottom of the latrine of history!

The “Queen of Mean” now thinks she’s up by so many points it’s time for her to assemble a transition team, meanwhile, the election hasn’t been held yet.

It’s a good thing that she is so full of herself that she can’t see exactly how bad she is doing or how disgusting she is to the majority of Americans. That will be to her detriment, and she won’t have to work as hard at fraud for her landslide loss on election day.

From Washington Post:

In recent weeks, as her leads over GOP nominee Donald Trump have expanded, Clinton has started ramping up for a presidency defined by marquee legislation she has promised to seek immediately. The pace and scale of the planning reflect growing expectations among Democrats that she will win and take office in January alongside a new Democratic majority in the Senate.

While careful not to sound as if she is measuring the draperies quite yet, Clinton now describes what she calls improved odds for passage of an overhaul of immigration laws — the first legislative priority she outlined in detail last year — and what could be a bipartisan effort to rebuild the nation’s roads, bridges, airports, rail system and ports.

Clinton named a five-member transition planning team last week — headed by former interior secretary Ken Salazar and including other familiar names in Democratic circles — that would eventually oversee the selection of Cabinet secretaries and thousands of lower-level officials. She also moved some top policy advisers over from her campaign to her transition team, a move that reinforced the notion that she is getting ready to govern.

Clinton has lately been telling Democratic audiences about her growing support among Republicans and touting what she says is a record of successfully working across the aisle to get things done. Her campaign regularly trumpets Republican endorsements and GOP disavowals of Trump.

I’ve seen independent polls, not the biased media ones, putting Trump at 74 percent, 82 percent, and 85 percent with Clinton barely beating Gary Johnson. Trump is going to beat her by a landslide. People forget, the “silent majority,” is both registered Democrats and Republicans. Clinton and Johnson’s supporters are a vast minority compared to Trump supporters.

Those who still support Hillary, despite all the lies, despite how evil and corrupt and power hungry she is, are like battered women. They cling to the man who has made them entirely dependent on him, abused them, lied to them and isolated them. Even when he cheats on them, betrays them, and beats them, they stay loyal because they are so brainwashed, afraid or dysfunctional that they cannot or will not see the truth. Most of the time, the only way anything changes for them, unless they are determined to get strong, if that he either beats them to death or he leaves them.

America please wake up and do the right thing.

Do you think Clinton is getting ahead of herself? Do you think she’s over confident? Share your opinions below and let us know what you think below in the comment section.



  1. Marilyn says:

    Clinton won’t have to beat anyone to death – she will just have some of her communist thugs, or one of those millions of refuges do it. She has broken every rule in the book. I would hope that people who have children think carefully about this because it is the world you will be crafting for your children, and I am sure you did not bring them in the world to live in a third world country, which is what America will be if she is president.

  2. Kathleen says:

    As long as Clinton is under investigation she shouldn’t be allowed to be anywhere near running for President.

  3. Neal says:

    I found out what the Clinton’s were from their days in Arkansas. I didn’t vote for Slick Willie and I certainly will not be voting for Slick Hillary for the same reasons. They both are crooks; they have lied and cheated their way in life, as well as in politics. Both have… broken the law, they have certainly side stepped or bent it to their well…They (just like Obama) think they are above the law (and they are if they are never held accountable).

    In the eyes of the “rule of law” you’re innocent until proven guilty. Very true, however in the eyes of public opinion and when evidence is destroyed or found to be lost by those under investigation and then they lie about it; you’re guilty until you can prove you’re innocent by providing that evidence.

    Just because the FBI and Justice Department refuse to hold her accountable doesn’t mean “We the People” can’t prevent her from further endangering our country. November is just around the corner, and the election is a perfect time to show Hillary Clinton that she’s not untouchable. She needs to suffer the consequences of her actions, and losing the presidency she so desperately seeks would be a great place to start.


  4. Ranger says:

    California Latinos for Trump! We’re sick and tired of the Obama/Hillary dynasty. These crooks and all their cohorts need to move overseas somewhere. Washington needs a cleansing!

  5. Bill-B says:

    She might lose at the poles, doesn’t mean they won’t put her in anyway. If you think the voice of the people ( American Citizens voice) means anything, you haven’t been paying attention, especially after Obama’s last steal of the election.

  6. Malissa says:

    Of course she is: she needs to have the Judicial Watch find everything the FBI couldn’t. She should be in PRISON with obama. Better yet, GITMO, both could be among their “friends”

  7. Adrian says:

    Trump will win, but Obama is going to pull the string on Hillary and try to cancel the election to become “President for the Duration” and then “Eternal President,” but a minor civil war will break out and Obama will be arrested for treason.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for more.

  8. Stephen says:

    People all over the country have been saying the same thing! The support for Trump is unbelievable-I do believe it will indeed be a landslide this November for the Trumpster. And that will be a very good thing for America.

  9. Rose says:

    Hillary Clinton will lose, the proof of fraud/lies/stealing & massive betrayal to vets, military, cops & citizens is overwhelming, she should be heading to prison NOT the WH!!