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If Hillary Is Promising THIS, She Should NOT Be President!

Hillary Clinton

It’s so obvious back then how crooked Hillary Clinton was when she ran for the U.S. Senate in New York even though she was not a resident of said state and became a senator anyways. She has been awful at every government job she has had and failed at every single policy. I just don’t understand the left mentality; there are better people out there.

Hillary promised over 200,000 jobs to the State of NY and never delivered on them so how can the media not report this story? Where is the inside journalist breaking this nugget? This should be no surprise. Clinton will promise anything but her allegiance goes to the highest bidder. Let’s not allow the presidency be sold to make the Clintons richer.

From Washington Post:

In her presidential bid, Hillary Clinton has made job creation a centerpiece of her platform, casting herself as a pragmatist who would inspire “the biggest investment in new, good-paying jobs since World War II.’’

Her argument that she would put more Americans to work has focused on her time in the Senate, when she took on the mission of creating jobs in chronically depressed Upstate New York. As her husband, former president Bill Clinton, put it recently, she became the region’s “de facto economic development officer.”

But nearly eight years after Clinton’s Senate exit, there is little evidence that her economic development programs had a substantial impact on upstate employment. Despite Clinton’s efforts, upstate job growth stagnated overall during her tenure, with manufacturing jobs plunging nearly 25 percent, according to jobs data.

The former first lady was unable to pass the big-ticket legislation she introduced to benefit the upstate economy. She turned to smaller-scale projects, but some of those fell flat after initial glowing headlines, a Washington Post review shows. Many promised jobs never materialized and others migrated to other states as she turned to her first presidential run, said former officials who worked with her in New York.

In an election, a candidate usually boasts the number of jobs they have created while in office so I imagine this isn’t difficult to determine. How is it the Hillary camp “isn’t sure how many were created”? Maybe the total number was e-mailed to her.

Can we all agree she has a problem with the truth This could be because she has serious brain damage? Hillary Clinton’s latest health status is that she has cerebral venous thrombosis, a rare and potentially “life-threatening” condition, according to medical experts.

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