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Hillary Clinton Ripped for Hiding Evidence by… Hillary Clinton


The internet, the world wide web and not the private network one might have on their personal server at home, is a truly wonderful thing.

Seems like only yesterday that The Political Insider was posting archive footage of Hillary Clinton saying that ‘secret e-mail accounts are shredding the Constitution.’

Now that Congressman Trey Gowdy has revealed that Clinton wiped her secret server clean of her State Department e-mails – after she was under a subpoena order to return her public documents to the State Department – the RNC has dug up this beauty.

In the following clip, then-Senator Clinton rips the Bush administration for allegedly trying to “evade or avoid providing information,” something she claims indicates they “have something to hide.”

Fast forward to today, and in essence we are watching Hillary Clinton rip Hillary Clinton for her own e-mail scandal.

Take a look…

Clinton:  “In taking their action to evade or avoid providing information, the administration unnecessarily raises the suspicion that it has something to hide, that it might use the claim of national security to hide mistakes that are literally questions of life and death for Americans.”

Are Clinton’s own words apropos to her current scandal? Has she made herself look like she “has something to hide?”