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Hillary’s in Trouble and Her Campaign Is Realizing This Isn’t Working? Too Late!

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So I hear Hillary Clinton’s having problems crafting her message to the American people. That will happen when your entire message revolves around victimizing people to gain votes.

Hillary and her merry band of campaign weasels figured out months ago that she cannot run on her “record of accomplishments” or her character. So she is resorting to the ole Democratic playbook of ignoring your record while slinging mud at your opponents and having your political operatives commit character assassination and otherwise slander the person’s character. Somehow, calling Hillary ‘flawed’ just doesn’t begin to define her, and her campaign realizes it.

From Politico:

Interviews with more than half a dozen Clinton allies inside and outside her campaign reveal a candidate who remains deeply insecure when trying to commit to a message about her campaign, and reluctant to indulge in the rhetorical flourishes that make for the rousing poetry of campaigns.

On that February morning, sitting at the dining room table with her husband, former President Bill Clinton, and their daughter, Chelsea — as well as top campaign aides including communications director Jennifer Palmieri and campaign manager Robby Mook — Clinton seemed to be reverting to her campaign muscle memory: second-guessing advice from the aides who got her into this ditch, resisting a larger, voter-friendly narrative and deciding to rely on her own judgment to save herself.

In truth, the concept was fine but not great. “‘Breaking Down Barriers’ didn’t set the country on fire, but it gave us a construct and argument,” said a top Clinton official. “It was a way of focusing ourselves.”

Clinton on the campaign trail often concedes she’s not a natural politician. But what that really means, top aides said, is that she is uncertain when it comes to messaging, and doesn’t connect naturally with any campaign slogans.

Her platform is the same one Democrats have used for years. Continued welfare, open borders, and promised freebies. It never changes. Unfortunately, the Democrats base is dumb enough to buy the schtick over and over, and over again. It is a former of self-flagellation intelligent people can’t grasp.

Maybe she should try a whole new direction: honesty, transparency, accountability, authenticity, speak to the real needs of the people, divorce herself from corruption.

What do you think about Clinton’s voice? Do you think she’s a lost cause and America is tired of her rhetoric? Share your voice below in our comment section.